How To Install A Home Intercom System

 A home intercom system is an efficient way to communicate within the home. It is also great to listen to music throughout the house as well. Generally it is relatively easy to install. To begin with, if it comes with directions, read them before taking anything out. However, if the directions are confusing, in a different language, or just too complicated to understand, these are fairly simple.intercom_systems_for_home

First, locate a location for it; ensure that it is at a convenient height for short and tall people alike. Trace the master station with pencil for more accurate measurement. Carefully cut a place in the wall, a saber saw would work. Be sure that it is measured correctly so that the master station will fit into the wall. If in doubt, cut a smaller hole in the wall to begin with, it is always better to have it too small and have the option to enlarge it than to have it too big. Generally the package for the home intercom system has a bracket or flange, with holes for the mounting screws to install the system in the wall. Cut holes alike to the first one for all of the different substations.

Next run a separate cable from each substation back to the master station. For safety reasons de-energize the circuits if the master station is connected directly to the electrical system. DO NOT turn them back on until the job is finished. Then, run the line power to the main master station. Connect all the other stations and power lines to the master station. Ensure that it is connected where it is marked according to the master stations terminal connections.

Finally, mount the master station into the cut in the wall, and have it firmly fixed to the wall studs. Apply trim molding, and remember to return the power to the circuits. Try out the new intercom system to check for mistakes.