Different Types of Home Intercom Systems

What are the different types of home intercom systems?

There are two types of intercom systems available today: Wired and wireless. Each system has their advantages and disadvantages. According to the situation, you should be able to choose the one that would benefit you the most.

Types of Intercom

Wired home intercom systems can take time to install, and is expensive. Unless the home is already wired or the house is being constructed, wireless is the way to go. However, wired types of intercom systems do not have a problem with interference and black spots as the wireless systems sometimes have, especially if there are more nearby in other homehts300708_img01s.

Wireless systems do have their advantages though, they are easier to use, and are more dependable than wired ones, especially with power shortages occur in the home. They are also great to use to monitor young children.

Both of these types of intercom have benefits. They are great for home securities. Instead of just a simple doorbell, the person can identify who is outside and what their business is. Video cameras and cameras can be added so you can see who is just outside the door of the home.

Another option available is automatic gate entry. A single push of the button is all that it takes to open, close, or lock the gate. By using the intercom system anyone can identify who is outside the gate instead of going through the trouble to walk up the drive, see who it is, and open the gate.

Music is also used through the home intercom systems. Listen to great music from room to room instead of blaring the radio wide open so it can be heard throughout the house. No need for yelling through to other floors or rooms either, all it takes is the push of a button. They can also be used to hear a baby crying and to check on young children, and for them to communicate as well.

There are many variations available to the consumer. Basic home intercom systems can cost approximately $1200 for a four to five bedroom house. However a system that produces music can cost up to $2500 to $5000, sometimes even more depending on what the ideal home intercom system is for you.